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How to LeaveYour Class for a Guest Teacher should be on the required reading list on every teacher education programs in all colleges and universities. Students would not miss any valuable instructional time if Dr. Armstrong's book was mandated by all  school districts as an instructional guide for teachers and substitute/guest teachers. I currently reference this book to all of the teachers that I supervise. 

~Anthony M. (Assistant Principal and Doctoral Candidate of

Curriculum and Instruction/Las Vegas, NV)

I think this book is an absolute necessity to help bridge one of the many gaps slated in our educational system between guest teachers (substitutes) and certified teachers.  The author shares many past experience that inspired her to write the book as well as instruction, direction, and suggestions on how class preparation should be presented to all guest teachers. Very enlightening!

~Andrea M. (Chicago, IL)

Yes, I read this book cover to cover. It was informative, easy to read, with a little humor. I liked how the author used her on personal examples. This is a great book to have handy when subbing or leaving plans for a substitute.

~Filecia H. (Teacher/Country Club Hills, IL)

I really enjoyed reading your book. It is very informative, enlightening, and I’m sure helpful to many who are aspiring to be the best they can possibly be in their career in teaching.

~ Elaine C. (Chicago, IL)

Dr. Nicole Armstrong has some amazing tips for how teachers should leave a classroom for a substitute.  I can appreciate the tools she's giving teachers.  Often times students are left with no work and just being in a room with a substitute on their cell phones.  I hope that every teacher that comes across her book purchases it.  Dr. Nicole Armstrong, You Rock! 

~ Devo R. (Director of Student Services/Chicago, IL)

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